Wrongful Death

When people die or are killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another, including murder, the surviving members of the victim’s family may file suit for “wrongful death.” Wrongful death laws were created to provide financial assistance for widows and orphans. They encourage people to exercise care to prevent injuries. When a crime or an accident or someone’s negligence causes a loved one’s wrongful death, the Law Office of Joey Tellez will fight for you and your family.

Wrongful Death

What is a “Wrongful Death”?

A wrongful death lawsuit may arise out of some situations, such as in the following circumstances:

  • Medical malpractice that results in decedent’s death
  • Automobile or airplane accident
  • Occupational exposure to hazardous conditions or substances
  • Criminal behavior
  • Death during a supervised activity

There many instances where companies have failed to protect their employees or have produced unsafe products. Lawsuits against cancer-causing agents, defective airbags or tires are on the news and television daily. These businesses and their insurance companies will fight to protect their interest. It is important to have an experienced wrongful death lawyer on your side. Moreover, it’s critical to have someone who understands these complex cases. Detail investigations and research are keys to winning the types of claims.  Attorney Joey Tellez is an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer.

Criminal behavior sometimes causes wrongful deaths.

Cases where someone, committing a crime, is also responsible for the passing of a person are all too familiar. For example, people fleeing a crime scene are often involved in automobile accidents or auto-pedestrian accidents. Those responsible for crimes against individuals related to a death or murder can be held liable in a civil court as well. A lawyer with a strong background in personal injury and criminal law can be invaluable in handling such cases.

Why pursue a claim against those responsible for the wrongful death?

If a parent or parents are killed due to a crime or negligence, their minor children may suffer emotional trauma as well economic distress. When a husband or wife loses their life partner they suffer financial and emotional harm.  As a result, these are painful and traumatic events. Therefore, hiring a lawyer who understands victim’s rights and the impact that these tragic situations have is of the utmost importance. Attorney Joey Tellez has been successfully representing victims of such wrongful deaths in Laredo, Texas. He has won cases against negligent truck drivers, oilfield workers, drunk drivers, and cases resulting from defective products. Tellez law has fought for families who have been victims of crimes throughout his career. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a wrongful death, contact our offices and speak with Joey TellezI, an experienced wrongful death lawyer.