Frequently Asked Questions

Tellez Law believes that information is key. To help educate our potential clients and the general public, we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions. As more questions come in or as the law changes, Joey Tellez and the team at Tellez Law will continue to update this area of our website. Some of our FAQs have more in-depth answers in our Blog. At any rate, our goal will be to give you accurate, concise, and informative answers to your legal questions. If you don’t see the question or answer you’re looking for, please go to our contact page and submit your question. We’ll respond to you shortly. If you have a specific question or need a more in-depth answer, request a free consultation.


 FAQs should not be used to substitute good sound legal advice.


While these FAQs are published to inform, they are not intended to replace good sound legal advice. In fact, good legal advice can only be obtained from a full consultation with an experienced attorney. Truthfully, there is no substitute for open and honest discussion, face to face, with your lawyer. A good attorney, like Joey Tellez, will take the time to hear your case. Moreover, he will help you explore all of your options, and understand your situation better. For that reason, if you or a family member has been charged with a crime or has been involved in an accident, contact our offices immediately. Time is critical. Important information, details, and circumstances are fresh in your memory soon after the incident. Do not wait.

Joey Tellez is an experienced criminal lawyer and a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Laredo, Texas. If you need an 18wheeler accident lawyer in Laredo, Texas, Tellez Law can represent you and secure the best possible outcome. Call us at 956-717-8200 or submit your request for a Free Consultation online at the bottom of this page.


  • If I’ve been arrested, how soon can I call for an attorney?


    Call a lawyer immediately! Hiring a criminal defense attorney should be the first thing you do after an arrest! Having an experienced criminal lawyer, like Tellez Law, is the single most important step after an arrest. Yet, too few individuals heed this advice. Do not wait until immediately before your court date to hire an attorney! Waiting will only hurt your case. Contact the Law Office of Joey Tellez now.

  • Do I have to do a field sobriety test if I get pulled over?


    While you generally may refuse to take the roadside breath test, your refusal may not stop the officer from arresting you if there is other evidence of alcohol usage that would affect your ability to drive (e.g., slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, clumsiness, poor driving observed). Unlike the chemical test, where refusal to submit may have serious consequences, in most states you are not legally required to take any field sobriety tests or FSTs. However, keep in mind that your refusal may suggest to the officer that you have something to hide and incite further examination of whether or not you have been drinking.

  • What should I do if I’m involved in a car collision?


    There are some things you should do (and are in fact legally obligated to do) at the crash scene, but one big “don’t” is this: Don’t admit you were at fault for the accident. In fact, don’t say anything that could even be construed as an admission of guilt -- things like “I didn’t even see you,” or “I’m sorry.” Everything you say will be misquoted and used against you later.
    Refusal to say much is not to suggest that you should lie or withhold necessary information when you’re talking with others who were involved in the wreck. Be polite, exchange contact and car insurance information, and co-operate with any law enforcement officer who comes to the scene. Just don’t get into any discussion of fault at the scene, with anybody. It may be a more complicated question than you think, and there will be plenty of time for determining responsibility later on after all the facts have been laid out. Contact The Law Office of Joey Tellez today.

  • Can I sue someone if I am injured on their property?


    Sometimes when a person is hurt on someone else’s property, the injured person can bring a personal injury lawsuit against the property owner. Premises liability is the area of law that makes a property owner liable for injuries suffered by a person while on their premises. Premises liability law applies to both private and commercial properties.
    When we think about premises liability, a “slip and fall” injury is usually one of the first things that come to mind. However, there is a broad range of incidents leading to an injury that fall under liability law, including:
    -Dog bites
    -Trip and falls
    -Being struck by falling objects
    -Being injured by a malfunctioning door or an elevator
    -Being assaulted because the property does not provide adequate security

  • Do I really need a lawyer?


    If you must ask, the answer is yes. Not every legal matter requires the use of an attorney. Fighting a speeding ticket and going to small claims courts are two examples. However, in many other situations involving a legal dispute, challenge, or deal, you may not wish to chance the risks of going it alone without the advice of an experienced lawyer who can help you out. In fact, while good legal representation may not be cheap, it can help get you out of some sticky situations. - It may save you from adverse circumstances such as a bad divorce, lost a job, or DUI violation - not to mention the potential alternatives for not using an attorney -- including broken agreements, lost claims, or worse, jail time.

  • How do I choose the right Attorney to represent me?


    When confronted by a legal problem, the situation can be quite stressful because many people rarely deal with the legal system. Anytime an individual is faced with a legal issue there is usually much at stake, including freedom, compensation for injuries or even a parent’s relationship with their child. Since the stakes regarding the law are so high and the legal system such an unfamiliar environment, it is critical to choose the right attorney to guide you through the legal process. While almost all lawyers are professional and committed to the well-being of their clients, there are certain factors to consider that will promote a healthy and efficient attorney-client relationship. Call the law office of Jose S. Tellez. We've been helping clients navigate their legal issues with great success and satisfaction.