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The Law Office of Joey Tellez has become the most sought after criminal law firm in Laredo, Texas. Since 2005, attorney Joey Tellez has handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging from DUI and DWI cases, drug cases, murder, and firearms cases. In addition, Joey Tellez is a seasoned federal criminal lawyer that has litigated cases throughout South Texas in both Federal and State Court. Our success rate says a great deal about us and our ability to win cases for our clients.

Joey Tellez is an experienced criminal lawyer.

Joey Tellez is a highly sought after criminal lawyer in Laredo, Texas.

Joey Tellez has tried bench and jury trials in criminal matters ranging from traffic offenses to serious criminal offenses, such as DUI arrests, drug, and murder cases involving complicated circumstances and details. Because time is critical in criminal matters, after your arrest or after you have been made aware of pending charges or investigations, call our law office as soon as possible. We will work hard to address all your questions in a manner that helps you understand the severity of your circumstance and what we believe you should do to handle them. Call our office today at 956-717-8200.

A successful personal injury lawyer.

As a personal injury lawyer, Joey Tellez has recovered large amounts of money for his clients. He has worked on 18-wheeler accidents, car accidents, oilfield accidents, and workplace and wrongful death claims throughout Texas. At Tellez Law, we value the trust our client places in our firm. Therefore, we fight to win because we want our clients to receive fair and just compensation. After an accident, time is crucial. We can gather information while it is still fresh in your mind. Call us immediately 956-717-8200.

Joey Tellez is a native of Laredo, Texas.  After graduating from United High School, Joey attended the Texas A&M International University, Indiana University, and earned his jurisprudence from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. Joey also volunteers for the Webb County Night Court program where he represents indigent clients in family law matters. Additionally, he is serving on the City of Laredo Planning and Zoning Commission.